Medicaid Secrets

Our book mentioned TWICE in the New York Times in 2017!

"The most detailed, plain-English guide I've found to the rules so far…"* "If you want to do some homework first, the book [Medicaid Secrets] will give you a sense of what questions you need to ask."*

  Are you an attorney or financial advisor? You will definitely want to have a copy of the Professional Edition of K. Gabriel Heiser's Medicaid planning book...  
Medicaid Planning: From A to Z

This is the 2018 Professional Edition of the best-selling book "How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets." While substantially based on that smaller consumer-focused edition, the Professional Edition is squarely aimed at the attorney or financial advisor who wishes to have a more-detailed guide with every reference footnoted.

Originally prepared as part of a 17-hour professional CLE course that attorney K. Gabriel Heiser gave to attorneys and advisors across the country for the Medicaid Planning Network, the Professional Edition is now available as a separate purchase.

The Professional Edition:

  • 540 pages long (full-size: 8.5" x 11" softcover)
  • 50+ footnotes (every citation--law, rule, regulation, and case reference--is now completely set out in these footnotes; a HUGE timesaver that vastly speeds up your research: worth the cost of the manual alone!)
  • Additional discussions aimed at the attorney/advisor
  • Two additional chapters on Medicaid Planning and Attorney Professional Ethics (39 pages--used with a two-hour ethics CLE course)
  • Sample legal forms, including: Durable Power of Attorney; Will with Elective Share Trust; Promissory Note; Ladybird Deed; Deed of Small Percentage Interest (ready to be incorporated into your legal forms, for all your Medicaid clients)
  • 138 pages of the most-used Medicaid statutes and regulations so they are at your fingertips
  • A completed Medicaid application as an example to guide you
  • Entire book re-written specifically for the attorney/advisor

While the small paperback "layman's edition" that sells for $49 is indeed a handy desk-reference, anyone that practices in this area will want to own a copy of the Professional Edition so as to have all the benefits set forth above.

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