How to Keep Nursing Home Costs from Wiping Out Your Life Savings and Your Family's Assets

Medicaid will pay the entire cost of a long-term stay in a nursing home-- if you know how to qualify!

Read on to see how the Medicaid Secrets book can help you save thousands of dollars while qualifying a family member for Medicaid eligibility.

If you're someone who is facing the reality of an elderly parent or family member heading toward a nursing home -- and you want to qualify for Medicaid without first spending down your parent's life savings (or yours) paying the nursing home privately, or going broke, this may be the most important article you'll ever read.

In the next 5 minutes, as you read this article in its entirety, you will learn how to uncover secrets that will qualify your elderly parent or family member for nursing home Medicaid. I'll also reveal a first-of-its-kind resource that costs just a fraction of a single day's stay in a nursing home -- but can save you and your family thousands of dollars in nursing home costs and enable you to protect and preserve your family's assets.

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FROM: K. Gabriel Heiser, J.D., Attorney

Dear Friend,

Imagine your life savings, your home and your other family assets being wiped out virtually overnight.

The skyrocketing costs of nursing home care -- now averaging $108,000 a year -- could devastate you financially.

It's tragic but true. A sudden fall ... a heart attack ... a stroke ... an unexpected illness ... or your elderly parent's frailty and disability brought about by advanced age ... can bring financial ruin to you and your family. Nursing home expenses could bankrupt all but the most affluent families!

All your family's assets are exposed to nursing home costs. The government will only pay the nursing home bill if you are essentially broke. Medicare will only cover you for a maximum of 100 days, if they cover you at all -- and Social Security won’t cover these bills either. Only Medicaid could cover you.

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What is Medicaid? Medicaid is the federal program administered by 50 states that pays for the entire cost of a long-term stay in a nursing home -- if you qualify.

What Will You Do When Your Family's Assets are Wiped Out to Pay for Nursing Home Expenses?

I've seen it happen all too often with my clients who seek Medicaid advice. They try to qualify their elderly parent for Medicaid -- but not until after they've already wasted a lot of their parent's life savings paying the nursing home at the “private pay” rate, or sold the family home because they thought they had no choice, believing that the government would force them to sell the house anyway.Of course, that's simply not true!

There are ways to arrange your affairs in a way that will enable you to build for most, if not all, of your nursing home expenses.

Couple Saves $30,000 -- and Keeps Their House!

A married couple (whom I'll refer to as Tim and Rachel for confidentiality reasons) sought legal advice from me recently. Tim's mother, Martha, had Alzheimer's Disease.  Both Tim and Rachel were worried they could lose their house because of gifts Martha had made to Tim's siblings over the last few years -- and which were implemented by Tim and Rachel via Martha's durable power of attorney.  Martha had exactly $51,000 to her name, and Bill assumed he'd have to spend it all on her nursing home care till it was gone

Not only did I reassure them that they need not worry about losing their house, but I taught them how to save $30,000 of the mother's money by using a secret technique that I reveal in How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets. Needless to say, Tim and Rachel were ecstatic.

Who Am I -- And Why Should You Believe Me?

My name is K. Gabriel Heiser, J.D., an attorney specializing in elder care and estate planning. [Click here for my detailed bio.]  For the last 25 years, I've helped hundreds of people pay for nursing home care -- and kept them from going broke in the process.  I've advised them on how to protect their homes and other family assets from devastating nursing home expenses so that they can have something to pass on to their children, relatives or charitable institutions.

I've discovered a great many things about the Medicaid system that hardly anyone knows.  For instance, did you know that there's one secret technique that can double the amount of assets your family can protect -- yet very few attorneys are even aware of how itworks?

There are many more proven strategies I know, which are contrary to what other attorneys and estate planning advisors may tell you. In over 2 decades of being "in the trenches" daily, I've met many people who have sought the advice of less experienced advisors -- and who have paid dearly because they were given bad advice.

It pays to be careful when it comes to federal programs like Medicaid. I've seen people go to jail or pay huge fines and penalties for doing illegal things or being ill-advised. 

Simply “hiding” money in order to qualify for Medicaid is not an option.  To do so and not report the asset on a Medicaid application is clearly a fraud against the state and federal governments, with severe legal consequences.  I'll show you ample ways to be eligible for Medicaid using completely legal methods.
Did you know... that Medicaid currently pays the bills of over 50% of all nursing home residents?

While that might sound like a good thing, think about the other 50% of nursing home residents whose bills are not paid by Medicaid. Why is that so? Well, apart from the small percentage who are too wealthy to qualify for Medicaid, there are 3 primary reasons why nursing home residents do not have Medicaid coverage: I assure you that you don't have to be poor, destitute or broke to qualify for Medicaid coverage. I can also show you exactly how to qualify for Medicaid even if you never thought you could.

What You Don't Know About the Medicaid System Could Hurt You Financially!

A client (whom I will call Ted to protect his privacy) came to consult with me a couple of years ago. He was worried about his Aunt Marge's care. Aunt Marge had $400,000 in her name, and was already in the nursing home -- at a monthly cost of $6,200. She could certainly afford to pay privately, but in less than 6 years, she'd end up flat broke. She had never married and had no children, but Ted had been very close to her for a long time and wanted to save some of her money, if he could.

So I advised Ted to use a secret technique that I reveal in How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets.  As a result of using the technique, Ted not only preserved Aunt Marge's $400,000 by converting it to a certain type of exempt real property, but also got her qualified for Medicaid coverage immediately.  Additionally, Ted received a monthly rental management fee -- and upon Aunt Marge's death, the entire $400,000 passed to him outside of probate -- and the state was prevented from coming after Aunt Marge's property for "estate recovery."

So you see, if Ted hadn't known the secret technique for getting the Medicaid system to work for him, it could have hurt both Aunt Marge and him financially!

"I Wish I'd Had Your Advice Sooner"

In the 25 years that I've helped hundreds of people qualify for Medicaid, probably the most frequent comment I got from my clients is this:

"I wish I'd had your advice sooner so I could have protected more of my assets, and gotten the entire nursing home cost paid for by Medicaid instead of just some."

I can't overemphasize the fact that the earlier you do your planning to qualify for Medicaid, the better -- even months or years before putting your parent or family member in a nursing home, if possible.  However, no matter what situation you're in -- and even if you've already begun paying for nursing home costs out of your own pocket (or your parent's savings), it's almost never too late to protect and save your family's assets.

"I loved your book!"

"I found so many concepts, strategies and important questions to consider that I am going to re-read it again tonight to write them all down. The maze of ever-changing rules and differences between states (and even counties) can be overwhelming, but I felt that Medicaid Secrets armed me with specific questions to ask--questions that would help me understand the various viable options (and their risks and pitfalls) that a qualified ElderCare Attorney might suggest. (Heck! You even showed me how to find a qualified ElderCare Attorney!)"

--Bret Elliott, Certified Financial Planner, Elliott Financial,
WARNING: Don't Even Try to Qualify for Nursing Home Medicaid Without Reading This!
The Medicaid system is extremely complex and usually cumbersome for the layperson to understand. Nonetheless, it's not difficult to qualify for Medicaid -- when you know exactly how to go about it -- and when you have the proper legal assistance.

That's why I've compiled all the Medicaid insider secrets that I've accumulated over 25 years into a first-of-its-kind resource titled How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets.

In this 318-page compendium of Medicaid "inside information," I discuss all the Medicaid rules in great detail, and show you how to apply them to your own situation. I've included many case studies, and have designed it in such a way that it can be read and understood by laypersons.

This is the best education you can find on the Medicaid system as it relates to anyone living in a nursing home -- and it even includes advanced asset protection techniques as well.

This is no ordinary book (Click to see complete Table of Contents)

It is the definitive guide to nursing home Medicaid qualification and is the only resource that is completely up-to-date through January . It includes all the massive changes brought about by the federal Deficit Reduction Act that was signed into law on February 8, 2006 and later amended on December 20, 2006. That law changed many of the "rules of the game " -- including the rules affecting qualification for the Medicaid program.

It's important to note that every technique and option presented in the book is 100% legal -- unlike a lot of the advice you might get elsewhere. It gives you planning options that will enable you to steer clear of making the kinds of transfers or blunders that can get you in trouble down the road.

"A Must-Read for Anyone Who Has Elderly Parents in Need of Nursing Home Care"

"I never knew I could qualify my mother for nursing home Medicaid until I ran across Gabriel Heiser's book, How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets.  I was under the mistaken notion that Medicaid was only for people on welfare.  I was thrilled to discover that I could help my Mom, who's now disabled, to protect the money that my Dad left her upon his death, as well as keep the family home that we grew up in -- instead of selling it off to pay for nursing home costs.  Medicaid Secrets is a priceless resource that's a must-read for anyone who has elderly parents in need of nursing home care."
-- Maria V., Beverly Hills, California

Why is There Such a Scarcity of Reference Material About Qualifying for Medicaid?

Ever since the inception of Medicaid, there have only been a small handful of books concerning nursing home Medicaid qualification that have ever been published.  Most of them are now either outdated or out-of-print.  Relying on those books for reference will get you nowhere -- and may even get you in hot water!
One would think that because an estimated 40% of people over 65 will require nursing home care at some point in their lives, that there would be an abundance of books on how to qualify for Medicaid.  This is not the case. 


Because it takes a top-caliber attorney with years of experience in elder law to write such a book -- and, like myself, these attorneys are all too busy charging $250-$300 per hour giving legal advice to an endless parade of people seeking to qualify for Medicaid.

So busy, in fact, that no one has ever bothered to sit down and write a book -- until now.

"A Godsend...amazing guidebook...should be read by every taxpayer!"

"Heiser's book is a godsend as it guides the reader through the complex issues relating to Medicaid benefits, qualifications, and application strategies.

This amazing guidebook will help you discover the secrets of protecting your family assets in ways that will not disqualify you from Medicaid benefits. The contents include a comprehensive working definition of Medicaid, what is provided, and how to apply for the program. Medical and income qualifications are covered in detail. Strategies for transferring assets, setting up trusts, and planning annuities are all addressed.

I personally found the Case Studies to be helpful. These examples gave several possible scenarios which offered me ideas for integrating these applications to planning an approach to finding solutions in my own life situation.

The appendix contains important information on a Durable Power of Attorney, as well as valuable suggestions on obtaining a qualified attorney. A glossary, important statistical tables, some applicable federal laws, a list of resources and agencies available, and Medicaid questionnaires, all make this a valuable resource and reference guide.

"This is an important guide for retirement planning and for anyone with a family member in, or approaching, a long-term-care situation. It can also become a valuable resource and reference guide for professional financial and estate planners, attorneys, for people in the medical profession, social workers, and ministers."

I found the book to be crucial, timely, and important. "How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets" is a book that should be read by every American taxpayer as well as by every recipient and future recipient of Medicaid benefits."

--Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (4/07),
I took the time out of my busy schedule to write the book because over the years, I began to realize that I wanted to help more people qualify for Medicaid than just those who live in Colorado, where my law practice was based.

So for the first time, I spilled my secrets in the pages of How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets. Here's a sneak peek at some of the nuggets contained in the Medicaid Secrets:

"I used this book to help my parents plan for their futures..."

"I used this book to help my parents plan for their futures. I had reviewed plenty of resources, but this was far and away the best overall. Covers trusts, annuities, all the strategies simply and clearly. Tells you what is legal and what is not. If you can choose just one book on Medicaid planning, this is the one!"

-- Ruth M., Mystic, Connecticut

"Saved my mother $1.5 million ..."

"I read your book after my father had a stroke and was able to save my mother 1.5 million dollars and qualify my father for Medicaid. Thank you!"

-- Jeri T., Renton, WA

I'm convinced that any one of the powerful techniques I reveal in Medicaid Secrets has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in nursing home costs. This book will easily pay for itself over and over again for months and years to come.

"Well written, clear, easy to follow, and well organized..."

"I have read your book and it is great! It is a perfect quick tour of Medicaid planning... I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to get quickly up to speed when the need arises because a friend or family member is facing nursing home expenses...or who wants to think ahead to that possible need. Lawyers can give it to clients to help them understand "the rules." Advisors don't need to fear this book will turn their paying clients into do-it-yourselfers, because almost every rule contains state-specific variations and this book does not cover those. So for clients and would-be clients, this book shows why they need the help of a pro. I especially appreciate the clear delineation between the forbidden and the permitted. It's well written, clear, easy to follow, and well organized. I found it very useful when helping a friend who has just entered a nursing home."

Natalie B. Choate, nationally recognized attorney and America's leading speaker on retirement planning; author of Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits (

So How Much Is All This Worth to You?

What is the value of owning the only reliable, completely up-to-date resource available on the market that reveals secrets about how to qualify for nursing home Medicaid -- without going broke?

What price can you put on the inside information that can qualify your elderly parent, a family member or you for Medicaid -- and getting Medicaid to pay the entire cost of a long-term stay in a nursing home?

What is it worth to save tens of thousands -- even hundreds of thousands -- of dollars in nursing home costs -- and not drain your life savings, or lose your home and other family assets?

Knowledge like this could easily be worth a small fortune to you over just a few months.  But you won't have to pay $10,000, $8,000 or $6,000 for this inside information.

No, you won't even have to pay $2,500 to $5,000 (which is what I charge for a complete plan that positions my clients to qualify for nursing home Medicaid).

I know you'll find it hard to believe this, but How to Protect Your Family's Assets from Devastating Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets is only ...$24.95

Yes, your investment in this treasure trove of Medicaid secrets is just $24.95. (This price is only a fraction of the $250 that I charge for a one-hour consultation, in which I cover only a tiny part of what my book contains!)

With nursing costs averaging $108,000 a year (or $296 a day), your investment of less than $24.95 is less than 1/6 of a single day's stay in a nursing home!

Since you've read this far, I know you're obviously interested in qualifying for nursing home Medicaid -- without going broke. So shouldn't you own this book now?

"The best book I have found on Medicaid planning
--and I spent endless hours researching the subject!"

"We purchased your book for our personal use. We are in our 70s and are thinking about an irrevocable trust to shelter our home. We have a preliminary appointment with an attorney this week and thanks to your book we are well prepared!"

-- Elisabeth B., South Jordan, Utah

We offer no-questions-asked refunds within 30 days of your purchase.

Here's My Unconditional Guarantee...

When you're ready to stop wasting time trying to figure out how to qualify for nursing home Medicaid -- and not risk one penny more than you have to on nursing home costs, Medicaid Secrets is absolutely indispensable.  Why not try it risk-free? There is absolutely no way you can lose – except by not taking me up on this offer.

I personally guarantee that Medicaid Secrets is the most complete and comprehensive resource containing little-known strategies and techniques for qualifying for Medicaid sooner than otherwise possible. 

While Medicaid Secrets won't replace the need to consult with an experienced elder law attorney, it will arm you with an abundance of information that will give you a head start in preparing to qualify for Medicaid.  You'll be on firm ground when you do consult with an attorney, and you'll be equipped with enough information to know whether your attorney really knows what he or she is talking about -- and whether or not you're getting good advice.  Best of all, you'll be saving a lot of money on attorney's fees (which run $250 to $300 per hour) because your attorney will not need to educate you on the ins and outs of the Medicaid system.   

If, after reading Medicaid Secrets and learning the secrets that I reveal, you don't think it's worth at least 10 times its price, or you're not completely satisfied for any reason, simply return the book in new condition within 30 days of delivery and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

So now, the only question left to answer is ...

...when do you want to qualify for nursing home Medicaid and start protecting your family's assets from devastating nursing home costs -- now or later

If you put this off until later, you may run the risk of finding out that you could have qualified for Medicaid way before you thought you could -- and thereby lose months' worth of benefits that could've been yours.

Whether you are looking for updated basic and general information--the complete background--on how to qualify for nursing home Medicaid and protect your assets or the latest cutting edge techniques, you will find it all here. Are you from Florida? Texas? North Carolina? State-specific information is included in the 50-state tables in the back of the book. Do you seek information on the Medicaid qualification rules? Do you know how an irrevocable trust can protect virtually unlimited amounts of cash if you know the rules?

Your life savings, your home and your family's assets are some of the most important possessions of your life — and you (or your parents) worked hard to own them.  How you protect those assets today may determine your family’s standard of living for years to come. Therefore, I urge you to act now, and take this step toward preserving your family's assets.

Remember:  You have the power to arrange your affairs in ways that will allow you to protect as much of your family's assets as possible while enjoying Medicaid benefits -- and using means which the law permits.  Medicaid Secrets shows you ways to exercise that power and enables you to qualify sooner -- rather than later.

Whatever you do, you must not procrastinate on this.  Advance planning is the key to taking full advantage of everything Medicaid can provide.  If you plan too late -- or don't plan at all -- you'll be left with very few options and there'll be little you can do to protect your family's assets from being wiped out.

I've seen too many people make very expensive mistakes out of ignorance of Medicaid rules -- or ignorance of how the rules apply to them.  Then there are those who know "just enough to be dangerous."  You could get in a lot of trouble if you don't know what you're doing -- and end up paying huge fines and penalties or even going to jail because you followed bad advice.

If an elderly parent or other family member is headed for a nursing home -- or is already in a nursing home -- you simply can't afford to be without Medicaid Secrets.  I've gone to great lengths to bring you this first-ever, powerful resource on Medicaid qualification.  I've already helped hundreds of people pay for nursing home care -- without them going broke.  I hope you’ll allow me to help you too — with Medicaid Secrets.

Wishing you all the best,

KGH signature

K. Gabriel Heiser, J.D.
Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney

P.S.  With an estimated 76 million baby boomers reaching the age of 65 between 2011 and 2029 -- and 40% of them needing nursing home care for either themselves or their parents -- there will be an overwhelming number of people seeking nursing home Medicaid.  Because the Medicaid system is already underfunded as it is, the difficulty in getting Medicaid funding for your family's nursing home costs will only get more fierce as time goes by. Medicaid Secrets will give you an unfair advantage over others who are competing to qualify for Medicaid's dwindling resources.  Get Medicaid Secrets risk-free today and see for yourself why you simply can't be without this book.

"We read the book before meeting with an attorney..."

"We read the book before meeting with an attorney that specializes in these issues. It was great preparation for us. We would highly recommend it.

-- Barbara R., Ninety Six, South Carolina

NOTE: All testimonials on this website are from ACTUAL emails received by the author, on file in the offices of Phylius Press.

P.P.S. Remember: Any one of the powerful techniques or secrets that I reveal in Medicaid Secrets has the potential to save you tens of thousands -- even hundreds of thousands -- of dollars in nursing home costs. The book will easily pay for itself over and over again for months or years to come. Medicaid Secrets is not available in bookstores. But you can get it right here, ordering it online for only $24.95 Own this priceless resource now.

We offer no-questions-asked refunds within 30 days of your purchase.



K. Gabriel Heiser, J.D., focused exclusively on estate planning and Medicaid eligibility planning, including trusts, estates, gifts, and related tax issues, after graduating from Boston University School of Law in 1983. He also practiced in Massachusetts, where he was Chairman of the Estate Planning Committee of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and in Tennessee, where he was the founder and first Chairman of the Nashville Bar Association’s Estate Planning Committee and where he served as President of the Middle Tennessee Planned Giving Council (1997).

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