Medicaid Secrets
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  • Medicaid Annuities: Krause Financial Services is the only attorney-led financial services firm in the nation that specializes in helping families qualify for Medicaid and Veterans Benefits through the use of insurance products. Dale M. Krause, J.D., LL.M., is known for his long-standing personal commitment to elder law attorneys, insurance agents, and their clients. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Krause is a national Veterans Benefits and Medicaid planning advocate, specializing in Medicaid Compliant Annuities.

  • Medicaid Annuities: A good example of how this technique works:

  • Medicaid Trusts: A brief discussion of what these are and some of the pitfalls:

  • Seniors Information: is an online magazine for senior citizens. Whether looking for plain advice on seniors' health, estate planning, or even (dare we say?) dating for seniors, this online magazine offers the best tips and reviews for their senior audience from their friendly writers. It's light, yet informative!

  • Nursing Home Abuse: Nursing Home Abuse was founded by the National Association to Stop Nursing Home Abuse (NASNHA), an NGO. exists to raise awareness of the nursing home abuse epidemic, educate the public about its causes, help residents and families prevent abuse, and help victims cope with the consequences of nursing home abuse.

  • This great website allows anyone caring for an elderly parent or other relative to receive support and information from others similarly situated. I am a regular contributor to the site and one of its resident Experts.

  • Medicare & Medicaid Eligibility Requirements: Helpful infographics from Hofstra University explaining the basic rules for both federal programs, as well as info on "dual eligibles." Who Is Eligible?